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  1. If you feel your home may have experienced storm damage make a call to The Colorado Roofing Company to perform a complimentary home inspection.                                            
  2. If damage is observed the next call is to your insurance company to have an adjuster come out and assess the damage to your roof and/or home.
  3. Your Colorado Roofing Company representative will accompany the insurance adjuster, representing you the home owner, using their expertise to make sure all the damage is accounted for on your claims report.
  4. While the claims report is being composed you will be shown replacement choices by your Colorado Roofing Company representative.  Style and color are important for your homes appeal and we have a great Design Resources link to help in the decision making process. 
  5. With a claims report in hand, the roof color and style chosen, The Colorado Roofing Company will pull the necessary permits, place an order for materials and schedule the project, keeping you informed along the way of what to expect.
  6. When the roof installation is complete, the initial check from the insurance company will be collected and an invoice of completion will be submitted for the second payment from the insurance company.
  7. When the final payment from the insurance company is received final payment is due to The Colorado Roofing Company.

The Insurance Claim Process can be confusing and frustrating...

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